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In Hillsborough, California billionaires can run but they cannot hide Senile, Corrupt, Alcoholic Nancy Pelosi Tells DNC to “Shut-up” and “Stop Complaining About Her Destruction of the DNC…!” Does Gizmodo Only Hire sex perverts, Demo-pedes and the Mentally Unbalanced? A Research Project. Steve Jobs: Asshole! Google Buys and Manipulates the Direction Of The Major News Outlets All Of Our Witnesses Are Being Murdered California Satanic Devil Worshiper Cult Believes Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a Deity Ten Basic Forms Of Fake News Used By Major Mainstream Media, Google and Facebook St. Paul’s Rape and Sextortion Game Is Now Happening At EVERY School in America Yet Trustees Cover It Up Nationally Inside the Delightful Suicide of Gawker One of Elon Musk_s Many Dirty Secrets! HOW MATCH.COM AND OKCUPID REALLY WORK How We Destroyed American Media Barack Obama was illegally placed in the White House using election data rigging. Hillary Clinton got busted doing the same thing. RETRIBUTION, INC Meet Greylock; Obama_s and Clinton_s Covert Financial Fraud Operation A female employee called Tesla’s factory a ‘predator zone’ CNN and Google Advertisers to Boycott and Tell Your Opinion To: NETFLIX IS A LYING PIG SILICON VALLEY RAPES INTERNS AND IDEAS Can you clear up some confusion re Silicon Valley corruption? 80% of “people” on Facebook and Google Are Fake People Created By Facebook and Google to Scam Advertisers


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