Valence Technology Lithium Phosphate has been powering the first commercial electric transportation buses of their kind in the US and Europe – enabling clean, green, quiet and economic public transportation services.

Full electric, hybrid and plug in hybrid electric vehicles from mini-bus to double deck format allow end users to meet strict environmental and cost reduction targets using modern transport applications.

Optimized drive systems utilize Valence Technology U-Charge© lithium phosphate battery systems that set the benchmark for fuel economy and CO2 reduction.

Valence has developed multiple supply agreement customers in this sector, providing innovative solutions for leading edge vehicle manufacturers globally.

Our Motive Solutions are powered by the Valence U-Charge® XP module, please click here for full specifications.

 Valence is poised to meet demand from customers seeking to reduce vehicle operating costs together with CO2 emissions. Valence Technology is the exclusive supplier to numerous commercial vehicle manufacturers with ambitious plans to develop their range within the EV marketplace.

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