Do Peter Theil’s living vagina’s, for Silicon Valley’s sex robots, have human rights too?

Do Peter Theil’s living vagina’s, for Silicon Valley’s sex robots, have human rights too?



A planed international conference on how to have sex with robots was recently canceled due to the controversy surrounding the subject.



Escort services, wives, the clergy, bio-ethics professionals, lawyers and conservative politicians were up in arms over the idea of a global conference about how to pork your R2D2. Most were jealous, all were outraged. This was some serious competition.



While the controversy about having the conference is a discussion point, the bigger discussion point is how you can even have that sex with a machine.



Eric Schmidt, who is the guy behind Google and Peter Thiel, who is the guy behind Paypal, got very rich off of your use of the Internet. They have invested that money in a number of companies that make robots as well as companies that grow human body parts.



They have now made humanized robots and grown human wombs, vagina’s and are heading towards growing headless chickens, that don’t scream when you kill them, for meat.



Can you say “ethical challenges”?



The Silicon Valley, and Japanese, billionaire nerd crowd are fixated on having sex with their robots and even getting those robots pregnant. Every single component for such an act has now been built and demonstrated. As far as the media knows, nobody has screwed all of the parts together…or have they.



When Peter Thiel grows a Vagina, base cells come from a living thing, usually a human. If you are going to transplant the vagina for a sex change operation, or for a young lady injured in a horrible accident, you need actual living human tissue.



So you have to keep the vagina’s alive while they are waiting around to get transplanted. Some of the scientists figure: “oh, well, you might as well make them with a womb attached too, just to be efficient”



Since you can’t transplant, or implant, a dead thing into a human, the vagina’s are, essentially, “alive”.



Sitting in their little glass vagina jars in the lab, do they have rights? When you sew them into the groin of a Pamala Lee Anderson look-alike robot, do they have more rights or less rights?



When the adult version of Disneyland builds Adult-ney-land in San Francisco’s South of Market area and rents out these sex cyborgs at $200.00 per hour, will it break any laws and will it be abusing the vaginas by turning them into unwilling sex objects?



So far, nobody has plans to had a larynx to the lab-grown vagina’s to allow them to speak. If the scientists did make them talk, what would they say to us? Would they scream in horror? Would they say they don’t care? Would they tell us they were vagina’s and that is what they do? Could the “Vagina Monologues” soon be undertaken by actual Vaginas?



Silicon Valley has come up with domestic spying, cyber bulling, sex yachts, sex islands, digital pedophilia and all kinds of horrors for the modern world. Not only can they pull this off, they are already far down the road on it.



If anybody can make a vagina talk, it is Eric Schmidt.

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