John Doerr’s Dilemma

Unless you have been living under a rock, or are naive beyond tolerance, you

are, at least slightly, aware that every Chinese, Russian, North Korean,

Kevin Mitnick-wannabe, NSA, Anonymous, Guccifer-esque hacker on Earth has been plowing

through, and harvesting, every important text message, phone call, voicemail

box, email server, ADT-like private video surveillance server and vehicle GPS in

the West for a number of years.

They started a long time ago, they are probably all caught up by now. They are

now offering all of this data for sale to each other, or to those who want to

stir shit up.

It is assumed, in most cases, they targeted everyone, and every company who was

in the news. If you, or your company was in the Wall Street Journal, or the New

York Times, they probably have all of your good stuff, already. You have seen

them break into the CIA, NASA, The White House and now the whole federal

employee records, with impunity. Over and over they come, because nobody is

willing to change out their very hackable (Poor Cisco) hardware.

If you were notoriously in the news, think Hillary, Petreaous, Buffet, Soros,

all the Silicon Valley VC’s, etc. then they doubled down on the grab of data on



If you were notorious, and you were playing politics, then they tripled down on you.

But, if you achieved the black matrix status and were in the news, playing

politics and funding politics that some, or all, of the hackers didn’t like,

then all of them, EVERY Chinese, Russian, North Korean, Mitnick-wannabe, NSA,

Anonymous, Guccifer-esque hacker on the sphere went after you, scrapped you

clean, and double archived everything you said, and did, since 9/11 when

everything became hackable via the “back-doors”.

So, with all this going on, a lady named Ellen Pao decides that the famous

Silicon Valley mysogyny has gone way over the line. She files a lawsuit designed

to expose the frat-house, elite-insider, white male billionaire club of Silicon

Valley. Suddenly, the world wants to know: “Who is this John Doerr character?”,

the master of the sex-abusive company in Ellen Pao’s lawsuit?

John Doerr runs the investment company called Kleiner Perkins. He is the stealth

power behind Google, Reddit, Elon Musk, The Silicon Valley Poaching Cartel, and

other notorious things. His partners were Tom Perkins, famous for his rant about

all of the poor people being “Nazi’s” and Vinohd Khosla, famous for kicking

Californian’s off of their most beautiful public beach.

This crew has been fried  in the 60 Minutes special’s called: “THE CLEANTECH CRASH”, “THE LOBBYISTS

PLAYBOOK” and “CONGRESS TRADING ON INSIDER STOCK”; copies of all of these have

been hidden by Doerr’s lackey’s at YouTube due to the shame factor for


So Ms. Ellen Pao now gets court access to part of the Kleiner records. This

let’s some press get access to some of those records and they see that there is

a bigger story here.

They see that John Doerr, and his buddy Eric Schmidt, have been steady fixtures

in White House strategy meetings for quite a long time. The reporters go:

“hmmmm, what’s up with that?”

Then the reporters, who are good at math, start doing some calculations. They

discover that John Doerr and his associates have received a record-breaking

number of Washington decisions, which killed their competitors, and put

shockingly vast billions of taxpayer dollars in the Silicon piggy bank.

So Ms. Pao, while trying to cure one social ill, opened a can of worms, for

Silicon Valley billionaires, that may catch and fry some bigger fish.

Thus, as all exposes’ begin, in the alternative media we have charges that John

Doerr and Eric Schmidt sort of took over the White House, in a Smedley Butler-

eqsue way, and made the White House do what they want.

Now the main stream media is starting to cover this story with strong accusations about “kick-backs”,

“massive crony deals” and “policy rigging”. The FBI, GAO, and Congress are

interested in this theory too. Imagine, think some: “If only we had every email,

text message, nearby video feed, phone call, and everything else that was on a

server that John Doerr said, or did, since 9/11… then we could see..”

Just to make it interesting, let’s say that the worst is true. Let’s say that

Ellen Pao’s thing uncovers John Doerr running the greatest, and most insidious,

organized crime political kick-back scam ever. How can anybody prove that. Doerr

has intermediaries, private eye’s, special operatives and an army of advisers

and lawyers to keep his teflon coating bright and shiny. He is untouchable.

That is what John Doerr, and the world, thought. They left out one tiny little

factor, though, in the untouchability rating.


Stay tuned…