Investigations of Google Shenanigans in Politics Deepen

Washington, DC – The 2016 American Election Cycle will forever be known as the “Campaign of the Leaks”.

The DNC donor lists, Hillary Clinton’s email, the entire background files sets for the U.S. Government, and much more are, are popping up on the internet every day.

Now comes a confidential report that deeply examines Google’s manipulation of the internet to control news and politics. The report is very bad for Google. The report is a draft of a larger study that appears to be part of a presentation for the Federal Trade Commission by a group at Stanford University. The Hoover group at Stanford denies that it came from them. The facts, though, in the report, are easily checked and verified and, at first glance, all tie back to credible sources.

The website ZERO HEDGE has started to make a name for itself by covering political leaks and Wikileaks has promised a huge display of documents, soon, that they say will affect the U.S. elections.

We certainly live in interesting times. Take a look at the Google document called: “ How Google Manipulates The Internet To Control Public Opinion and Perceptions “ on the web.

The Document can be found at some of these links:


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