Clinton Campaign Wants “Hillary For Prison” signs “Pulled Up”

Clinton Campaign Wants “Hillary For Prison” signs “Pulled Up”

Opposition candidates are crunching down on Hillary’s campaign with references to Whitewater, The Clinton Foundation cash connections, Goldman Sach’s dirty Wall Street games, and abuse-of-position illegal email server charges.

Nothing has hit home harder than the many versions of the “HILLARY FOR PRISON” campaign signs, that are popping up nationwide.

As fast as Clinton supporters can rip them out, new one’s pop up.

It is far early for the usual campaign signage wars. “Usually” those don’t start for a few months.
2016 is already proving, though, to be an unusual election cycle.

HILLARY FOR PRISON; HILLARY FOR PRISON-DENT, MONICA LEWINKSY’S BOYFRIEND’S WIFE FOR PRESIDENT; are all the rage in anti-Hillary regions. One can only wonder what the Hillary Team will hit back with?