Dubai crash-landing: video footage shows passengers stopping for luggage

Video footage taken from inside a plane that crash-landed at Dubai airport shows chaotic scenes as passengers scramble to escape.

Members of the Emirates flight crew can be heard urging people to leave their bags after some stopped to take luggage from the overhead lockers.

“Leave your bags behind! Jump and slide, jump and slide,” one crew member shouts. Passengers can be seen opening the lockers as smoke fills the cabin.

Flight EK521, from Thiruvananthapuram in the southern Indian state of Kerala, had just made a hard landing at Dubai at 12.45pm local time on Wednesday. Aviation experts are investigating whether faulty landing gear caused the incident.

All 300 passengers and crew escaped unharmed. Moments after the evacuation was complete, an explosion ripped through one of the wings and the ensuing fire destroyed much of the cabin.